More job applicants prioritise time in lieu for working overtime

When it comes to applying for positions in Australia, applicants are pushing for better time compensation if they work overtime.
By: | May 10, 2024

Time in lieu for work overtime and additional leave – these are must-haves for more than a third of job applicants in Australia when it comes to considering which job position to apply for, as revealed in new data collected in SEEK’s Laws of Attraction (LOA) portal.

The survey saw more than 14,700 respondents in the current market over 18 and looking to change jobs in the next two years share their opinions on what they considered important when it comes to applying for a new job.

Respondents in the survey scored work-life balance as the most important quality in their consideration of applying for a new job, giving it a 15.4% importance score, followed by salary and compensation on offer (13.9%).

Other options that were scored by importance after those two options were working environment (11.5%), the management and quality of management at any new role (10.1%) and what career and development opportunities could be explored (9.4%).

“While work-life balance continues to be the top priority for the majority of job seekers, it is becoming increasingly rivalled by salary and compensation, which has stayed strong in the face of the cost-of-living crisis,” the study stated.

“This shows that what Australian employees want is increasingly becoming more complex and diversified, and reflective of shifting priorities as five generations coexist in the workforce.”

More respondents still prioritise flexibility in working from home as a must-have when considering job offers, at 36%. 30% of respondents, however, shared that time in lieu “as compensation for overtime/additional hours worked” and additional leave were also must-haves. This was ranked higher in priority for female employees (59%) and gender-diverse/self-described people (65%), compared to 51% of male respondents.

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Paid overtime was also a high priority for lower-income employees earning under AU$52,000 (US$ 34,224.58) per annum, with 63% calling it a must-have. 37% of people earning over AU$104,000 (US$ 68,449.16), in comparison, considered it necessary, reported