Shaping the future of work through innovation and inclusivity

HR leaders will unite at CHRO Singapore to shape the future of work, exploring innovation, tech, and inclusivity for organisational transformation.
By: | November 29, 2023

HR leaders in Singapore are gearing up for a transformative event as they prepare to explore the future of work through innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and a focus on building inclusive and equitable workplace cultures.

Organised by HRM Asia, CHRO Singapore, under the theme HR 2024 and Beyond: How CHROs Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation, is set to be a pivotal platform for HR leaders to delve into critical trends and topics in the field.

The event, supported by organisations such as ADP, BTS, GLOBIS Corporation, the National University of Singapore (NUS), and Whatfix, promises to bring together over 150 CHROs to explore the evolving landscape.

One of the highly anticipated sessions at CHRO Singapore is titled Leadership Redefined in a Hybrid World and Its Impact on Talent Management. Presented by Jessica Zhang, Senior Vice-President, Asia-Pacific, ADP, this session offers attendees insights into how organisations can adapt and thrive in the evolving world of work. Zhang will delve into strategies for strengthening employee-manager relationships and provide tips for effective communication with empathy.

The importance of a strong organisational culture as a driver of success is a topic that will also be explored. In a session titled Making Culture Matter and Stick, Gianfranco Di Maira, Senior Vice-President, Partner, and Managing Director of BTS Singapore and South-East Asia, will discuss the true value of establishing a robust and meaningful culture that permeates every facet of an organisation.

Another session titled Unlocking Employee Wellbeing and Talent Retention: The Secret to Corporate Longevity will tackle the challenges of ensuring employee wellbeing and retaining top talent. Drawing from the Japanese philosophy of Kokorozashi, the session will explore how this approach transcends traditional HR practices. Adam Gordon, Director at GLOBIS Corporation, will reveal the secrets to Japanese corporate longevity and guide attendees into creating a holistic approach to talent retention that goes beyond traditional HR strategies.

Zaid Hamzah, AI and Data Practitioner and Executive Education Fellow at the School of Computing, the National University of Singapore (NUS), will lead a session on How Generative AI will Transform the HR Sector. This session aims to shed light on strategies for harnessing generative AI to enhance efficiency and productivity, as well as the steps needed for a successful generative AI project. Attendees will also gain insights into managing people readiness, refining processes, managing data, and budget allocation.

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CHROs looking to find ways to enhance the employee experience while also embracing technological integration will enjoy Unlocking HR’s Potential with Digital Adoption Platforms, conducted by Sameer Mishra, Vice-President and Head of Sales for India and South-East Asia at Whatfix. This session will explore how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) can streamline employee experience, training, and onboarding processes while simultaneously mitigating digital fatigue and bolstering employee engagement. Mishra will provide strategies for implementing a DAP within an organisation, allowing HR leaders to enhance their ability to achieve organisational HR goals and efficiently and effectively.

CHRO Singapore will be held on 7 December 2023 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. To register, click here.