Australia aims to create diverse female leadership in the workplace

The Women of Colour Executive Leadership Programme is launched to help diverse women advance their careers.
By: | February 3, 2023

The Australian government is empowering more women of colour to reach their leadership ambitions with the launch of the Women of Colour Executive Leadership Programme.

The programme is designed to assist 20 diverse women, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, to upskill and overcome the challenges they face in advancing their careers. Over the course of seven months, participants will engage in workshops, mentoring, and coaching to reach their goals. Additionally, they will complete a strategic challenge project and improve their board capabilities.

Natalie Hutchins, Minister for Education and Women, said, “Diverse women are ready to lead, they are capable and ambitious. This programme presents an opportunity for organisations to do more than just talk about supporting diversity and inclusion, it’s an opportunity to show it.”

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Australia believes that the barriers to women’s leadership stem from systemic issues, such as workplace racial discrimination, rather than a lack of ability. As part of the programme, the workplaces of the participants will also contribute a one-time A$10,000 (US$7075.15) to strengthening diversity and inclusivity.

A$1 million (US$707,515) has been allocated by the Labour government to support the development of leadership programmes for women. Among these initiatives is the Women of Colour Executive Programme, one of the four initiatives announced in 2022 to assist women in achieving leadership positions and creating more inclusive workplaces.