Change work for good: Redefining the workforce experience

As the way we work continue to change and evolve, organisations are looking for more ways to build an interconnected and future-ready workforce.
By: | June 23, 2022

With flexible work arrangements becoming more prevalent, organisations are increasingly focused on building and strengthening a supportive work environment and culture that prioritises employee wellbeing.

As part of this people-centric approach to create, support, and maintain a sustainable workforce, more attention is also being paid to address issues such as inequality and inclusion, and the opportunity for employees to grow their skills and perform at their best.

In a turbulent environment, where the rapidly evolving nature of work continually creates new challenges, organisations must prioritise the experience of their total workforce, said Rudy Abrahams, Vice President and Head, SAP SuccessFactors, South-East Asia.

He added, “Expectations at and of work have changed. Employees are looking for a strong alignment between their personal belief and a company’s values. By putting the employee at the center of everything they do, organisations can empower, motivate, and inspire their people to drive innovation, and overall sustainable business success.”

Join Abrahams at the virtual SEA HR Connect 2022, which is taking place from 10am-12pm (SGT) on Thursday, July 21, where his keynote address, titled Build a Sustainable, Intelligent Enterprise That Starts with Your People, will present SAP SuccessFactors’ vision for the future of work and share the technologies that can help optimise employee strengths to create a sustainable workforce and profitable business.

With the theme of Change Work for Good, SEA HR Connect 2022 will also take a deep dive into how organisations can stay ahead of customer demand, disruptive competitors, and market shifts.

To be constantly ready to re-assess and re-tool business needs and requirements, organisations need to create a vibrant and flexible workforce. This requires HR leaders to go beyond the traditional tools of HR and human capital management and redefine the employer/employee relationship by creating work experiences that drive not only engagement and productivity, but also sustainability and profitability.

While more employees are beginning to return to the physical office as pandemic restrictions globally are eased, many organisations are continuing to implement hybrid work arrangements.

This in turn, is providing the opportunity to reimagine a better workplace by redefining the hybrid workforce experience. These include increasing investments in employee wellbeing and diversity, inclusion, and equity (DE&I) initiatives, ensuring fair compensation and performance evaluation, among others.

At SEA HR Connect 2022, participants can find out how leading organisations and HR leaders are implementing broad-minded stratagems that help balance business requirements, employee wellbeing, and capability upkeep.

Through a demo session presented by SAP SuccessFactors, participants can also discover the fundamentals of providing an employee-centric HR user experience through technologies that support new modes of work and collaboration.

SAP SuccessFactors will offer tips on how organisations can connect with employees to boost productivity, increase talent retention, and drive engagement through communication, communities, as well as personalised and guided experiences from across disparate systems.

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