Driving organisational growth with L&D as the focal point

Learning Technologies Asia 2021 will examine how organisations can develop their learning strategies to stay ahead, innovate and grow.
By: | February 17, 2021

Learning and development (L&D) is entering into a new era, as organisations are beginning to redefine the role L&D plays in their organisations and how it relates to organisational success.

To provide more insights into how organisations can effectively grow and develop their L&D strategies, HRM Asia is organising Learning Technologies Asia 2021, an entirely virtual event taking place from March 23-24.

Join over 1,500 of Asia-Pacific’s senior L&D professionals, business and HR leaders as they hear from thought leaders such as Dani Johnson, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst; and Heather Gilmartin Adams, Senior Analyst at RedThread Research, as they examine the key trends and technology innovations that have fundamentally revolutionised learning and employee development journeys.

Looking at the future of learning is Aek Ussivakul, Senior Vice-President, Learning Platform and Data, Siam Commercial Bank, who will explain his thoughts on how “flash” or “invisible learning” will be the next big thing in the era of transformation. He will also share his thoughts on how the L&D function is at risk of becoming obsolete in the coming years.

Today, success increasingly depends on adapting business models in the new way of work including reskilling employees to ensure their skills are up to date. Joining us is Ajay Sridharan, Vice-President, India/South East Asia & Middle East, Degreed who will be sharing their latest State of Skills research report to help you identify what skills are at most risk, or that are high in demand. Ajay would also share guidelines on where you should focus your people investments to stay ahead.

While ‘humanising tech’ may mean designing technology to be humans, Vinisha Jayaswal, Chief Learning Officer, Apollo Hospital Enterprise India, during her session, will advocate the importance of ‘humanising’ mindsets to meet the demands of evolving technology in the L&D space.

Drawing from his experiences as Head, Centre of Innovation in Learning, National Institute of Education, Singapore, Dr Samson Tan will delve into how the acceleration of the digital transformation is giving rising to  opportunities for L&D professionals to reimagine the future of workplace learning in a post COVID-19 world. He will also highlight strategic examples of artificial intelligence application opportunities in workplace learning. 

Examining the topic of virtual working and learning, Dr CJ Meadows, Professor of Design Thinking, SP Jain School of Biz; and Director, i2e, The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre, Singapore, will share insights and behind-the-scenes stories about virtual collaboration, transformative global education and engaged learning online (ELO).

Highlighting the importance of engaging employees in the L&D process, Roby Tatan, Head of Learning & Development, Sinar Mas Land, Indonesia, will discuss the company’s L&D strategy on engaging employees. This begins with the onboarding process and through to the development of employees’ paths in L&D, ensuring they are engaged and productive via targeted learning practices.

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