Employees in Japan allowed to pursue side careers

More firms in Japan are allowing their employees to take on second jobs to foster skills development and gain opportunities for career advancement.
By: | February 3, 2023

Japanese trading company Mitsui is accommodating younger employees’ demand for more flexible work arrangements by allowing them to pursue side careers such as coaching, working on a tech start-up, or being a YouTuber or an artist.

A spokesperson from Mitsui said that the organisation has implemented remote work and flexible work hours and believes now is the right time to take a step further for employees to pursue both career development and new working styles.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has similarly offered its employees more flexible working arrangements. Starting this year, its flight attendants have the option of working only two days a week, giving them the opportunity to have a side career, as the pandemic has reduced demand for air travel.

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The Japanese airline aims for the scheme, previously only available to those caring for children or elderly family members, to be used for skills development and potentially lead to new endeavours within the organisation. Approximately 8,500 of ANA’s flight attendants based in Japan are eligible for the scheme, but the airline will limit the number of participants to avoid disruptions to its operations.

In April, employees will be asked to determine the number of days off they intend to take, allowing them greater flexibility when scheduling their shifts. They will also be given the option to specify which routes they prefer, reported Kyodo News.