How to bring about a successful digital transformation

A new CCL report examines digital leadership in Singapore and highlights the need for improved digital transformation management.
By: | February 23, 2021

While Singapore is ahead of many countries when it comes to the digital transformation journey, leaders can do more to set direction, create alignment and scale commitment to create the right culture, mindset, skillset and toolset for a successful transformation, suggested the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).

In a new report titled Digital Leadership Readiness: Lessons from Singapore, which was published in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce-Singapore (AmCham Singapore) and supported by HRM Asia,  Pymetrics and Thrive HR Exchange, CCL provided a holistic picture of what is required to continuously drive digital transformation in Singapore and around the region.

Elisa Mallis, CCL Managing Director and Vice President, Asia-Pacific, explained “It is important to understand the difference between digital and digital transformation. Going digital is about incorporating new and innovative technologies to the business, while digital transformation is a mindset that requires people transformation, a team effort. To deliver results, digital leadership is crucial, and a growth mindset is needed.”

In their new report, CCL suggested that leaders need to set direction, create alignment and scale commitment to create the right culture, mindset, skillset and toolset for a successful transformation.

To achieve, leaders area advised to adopt nine digital roles: Future Seeker, Business Shaper, Customer Champion, Ecosystem Builder, Organisation Transformer, Innovation Accelerator, Talent Maker, Culture Catalyst, and Engagement Energiser.

According to CCL, alignment stands out as a priority that must be addressed to accelerate the ability to lead digital transformation in Singapore, as it helps to develop the right environment for success, the right prototypes to show leaders new ways, and new habits in real business situations.

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Of the nine digital roles CCL identified, Innovation Accelerator scored the lowest among survey respondents, underscoring how leaders continue to be risk-averse, and are less ready to allow for and learn from mistakes.

The roles of Customer Champion and Engagement Energiser scored the highest, highlighting that leaders place customers at the centre of digital transformation and encourage positive employee experience towards digital and digital tools.

Bridging the digital talent gap is another area that needs to be addressed, CCL added. While commitment towards digital is high, more effort is needed in the role of Talent Maker to foster a culture of keeping digital talent and equipping people to develop digital knowledge.

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