Developing a humanised approach in hybrid workplaces

HRM Asia’s CHRO Series Malaysia will pave the way for sustainable employee journeys and highlight trends in human capital management.
By: | October 5, 2022

The nature of social interactions at work has an impact on employees’ health and wellness. As an example, strong social ties have been demonstrated to increase happiness and physical health among employees, which, in turn, translate into work performance. Furthermore, businesses with higher levels of employee engagement may also have lower staff turnover as employees are more likely to be attached to the organisation.

To support HR leaders in creating a more engaging and humanised working environment, HRM Asia will be hosting the CHRO Series Malaysia at Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur on November 17, 2022. Under the theme Reimagining HR: Creating A Humanised Workplace, CHRO Series Malaysia will be joined by CHROs from across the region to discuss trends in human capital management and the latest hybrid work models.  

Increasingly, environmental, social and governance (ESG) are becoming important for businesses, and HR management is poised to play a vital role in developing the company’s ESG strategy and reporting. In a fireside chat titled The New Role of CHROs in ES Strategy and Reporting, Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO), and Fong Tuan Chen, Senior Executive Vice President, Group Human Capital, Maybank, will examine the aspects of ESG from compliance and greenwashing to business contribution, and provide an update on how CHROs have been adapting to the Social Accountability Scheme (SIRIM 50) which was launched in Malaysia earlier this May.

Fong will also speak at a separate presentation titled The Future of Work Beyond the Pandemic, where he will discuss the strategies to engage a larger labour force through flexible work arrangements, as well as alternative employee benefits to retain talent and boost productivity.

The one-day conference will also host two panel discussions, including one on Creating a Humanised Sustainable Employee Health Model, which examines employee wellbeing in hybrid work environments. The session will be moderated by Simon Benjamin, President, Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management (MIHRM), and he will be joined by Koljit Singh, Human Resources Director, APAC, Flexsys Chemical, where they will discuss the concept of Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) and how mental and emotional wellbeing impact employees in the workplace.

A second panel discussion will focus on developing a people strategy to move Malaysia beyond the pandemic era and explore how HR leaders can support other stakeholders in adopting hybrid leadership as well as developing a more holistic approach to boost team performance. The session, entitled Talent Trends and Predictions for HR Leaders in 2023, will be led by Razman Radzi, Deputy President, MIHRM, who will also share the best practices for HR in 2023.

Other highlights at CHRO Series Malaysia include presentations by Mallory Loone, Co-founder, Work Inspires, titled Redesigning Your Post-Pandemic Employee Journey; and Pannie Sia, General Manager of ASEAN, Workday, and Tom Haythorn, Head of Solutions Consulting, ASEAN, Workday, on TheHow, What and Why of Workforce Optimisation: HR’s Next Big Priority. Sia and Haythorn will elaborate on the importance of workforce optimisation in today’s tight labour market, while Loone will go into further detail on employee retention and discuss the challenges of a hybrid workplace. 

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