How CHROs can help build the future organisation

HRM Asia’s CHRO Online Series 2021 continues November 18 with CHRO Malaysia re-examining the role of HR leaders in the future organisation.
By: | November 2, 2021

As work continues to be reimagined in a post-pandemic world, CHROs are increasingly playing a variety of key roles as they lead their organisation in delivering favourable business outcomes.

Today, CHROs are expected to transform traditional HR practices to build organisational resilience, drive value, and gain competitive advantage. Stepping beyond the traditional HR functional management, CHROs are now leading the business through enterprise change, talent development, and corporate culture.

To address the most critical initiatives and issues impacting CHROs as they build their future organisation, HRM Asia is organising the CHRO Online Series 2021, which brings together Asia’s most prominent and experienced HR leaders to discuss these topics.

After a successful CHRO Indonesia, the CHRO series continues with CHRO Malaysia, which is taking place on Thursday, November 18, and will feature Jason Averbook, Global Keynote Speaker, and CEO & Founder of Leapgen.

In his keynote presentation titled, Being Digital in the Now of Work, Averbook will discuss how leaders can stop implementing technology and start deploying human capabilities, and how the workplace experience can be designed with people at the centre.

He will also serve as moderator for a panel discussion titled, Adapting to The Work and The Workforce of Tomorrow – How HR Is Taking the Lead in Shaping the Future of Work?

Joined by Norlida Azmi, Chief People Officer and Board Director, Axiata and Koljit Singh (Ajit), Senior Manager (HRM Excellence & IR), BASF Petronas Chemicals, the panel will examine why a shift to human-centric leadership is critical for the future of work.

They will also highlight the importance of embracing change in the evolving role of HR and provide tips on how HR can ensure that their organisation is spot-on with their culture that will last them through the rapidly changing world of work.

As organisations move into a business growth planning phase, they are continuing to determine the final structures of new working models.

From distributed working models to employee engagement, skills gaps to pay parity, talent shortages to brand new, undefined skills that are yet to be scoped, the role of HR has never been more important, said John Antos, Vice-President Strategy, Global Payroll & Asia Pacific, ADP.

Join Antos at his session titled, Beyond Recovery: The Bridge to Growth, where he will present the latest workforce and recovery trends, as well as the top considerations and strategies for building a future-proof and agile workforce strategy.

Also joining CHRO Malaysia is Simon Benjamin, Assistant Honorable General Secretary, Malaysia Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM), who will moderate a session titled, The CHRO of the Future: Time to Look at HR Through a New Lens.

Joined by Nadiah Tan Abdullah, CHRO, SP Setia and Fong Tuan Chen, Senior Vice President, CHRO, Berjaya Corporate Berhad, the session will explain why CHROs need to be more involved in human capital strategy and the overall business, the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for the workforce, and how HR’s influence on organisational decision-making can be further expanded and cemented.

Click here to register for CHRO Series Malaysia, which is sponsored and supported by ADP and Abbott. CHRO Online Series 2021 will continue with CHRO Singapore on Thursday, December 2.