How CHROs can shape organisational and workforce transformation

HRM Asia’s CHRO Series will provide key insights for HR and business leaders in South-East Asia to develop their people strategies for 2024.
By: | July 4, 2023

While many factors are continuing to challenge and transform the way organisations work, forward-looking leaders are already looking to devise innovative strategies that will allow their organisation to navigate the challenges and thrive in 2024.

These include formulating key people strategies that will allow them to retain the best talent at a time when employees are deciding on their key priorities and planning for their next career moves.

To provide a timely platform for CHROs to come together to share experiences and exchange best practices, HRM Asia is organising the CHRO Series 2023/2024, which will discuss topics such as how organisations can create a culture of belonging and equity in the workplace, and how they can deploy HR technology to improve the employee experience.

With the theme of HR 2024 and Beyond: How CHROs Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation, CHRO Series 2023/2024 will also look back at the key developments in the HR and workforce space in 2023 and highlight the key trends and priorities CHROs need to pay attention to in 2024, even as they look to work more closely with their CEOs and leadership team to plan for the future.  

What is the key role CHROs can play to shape the organisation and workforce transformation in 2024 and beyond?

To find the answers to this question and more, join HRM Asia at CHRO Series 2023/22024, and be ready to have a pivotal say in how you can steer your organisations towards growth and innovation.

HRM Asia’s CHRO Series 2023/2024 kicks off with CHRO Indonesia on 18 October 2023 and will be followed by CHRO Malaysia on 22 November 2023, CHRO Singapore on 7 December 2023, CHRO Philippines on 21 February 2024, and concludes with CHRO Vietnam on 6 March 2024.

As part of the CHRO Series, HRM Asia will also be hosting a one-day masterclass on environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) titled Sustainability in Action for CHROs. This masterclass, scheduled for 19 October 2023 in Indonesia, 22 November 2023 in Malaysia, and 6 December 2023 in Singapore, is designed to equip HR leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the growing importance of ESG considerations in today’s business landscape.

Led by Joanne Flinn, Author of Greensight, the Sustainability Guide for Company Directors, and Chairwoman of the ESG Institute, participants will gain insights into the business value of investing in people and sustainability, as well as strategies for integrating sustainable practices into their organisations. Join us for this impactful masterclass and gain the knowledge and skills to shape a more sustainable business environment.

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