IHRP, SHRI and EngageRocket launch productivity tool for remote working

The digital platform will ensure employees stay engaged and productive while empowering them to share thoughts and concerns anonymously.
By: | April 15, 2020

The Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP) and Singapore HR Institute (SHRI) has partnered with employee experience solution provider EngageRocket to launch a digital platform to help businesses improve the effectiveness of their workforce while telecommuting.

The software service, called People Continuity Package, will also be able to track the well-being of employees as they adapt to the dramatic changes in their work environment.

As a measure to slow down the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore, thousands of companies have converted to 100% remote working following the implementation of the ‘Circuit Breakers’ which mandated the closure of business premises except for those that provide essential services.

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And given the sudden transition, human resources and leaders have been stretched working on business continuity plans to maintain the welfare of employees and reduce business operations impact.

This digital platform will help organisations ensure employees stay engaged and productive through this crisis while empowering them to share thoughts and concerns anonymously.

“Many companies have rolled out their business continuity plans since late January and these needed to be constantly adjusted in response to government advisories and social distancing regulations. HR has found itself in the eye of the storm, directing the organisation’s response, cheerleading their teams and sense-making with much uncertainty ahead,” said Mayank Parekh, CEO of IHRP.

“COVID-19 has caused a phenomenal change in the way businesses are operating worldwide.Telecommuting may be a norm in the workplace where non verbal cues will be lacking. The monitoring of employee’s well-being should be pushed to the front and creating a culture that values mental health does not need to be a costly endeavour. Instead, it will be a greater organisational cost if mental health of our employees are left unchecked.” shared Alvin Goh, Executive Director at SHRI .

“In the light of the current measures, it is important that Singapore businesses collaborate to fight this crisis together. We would like to contribute as much as we can to help Singaporean companies transition effectively to compliance with the circuit breakers, and to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak”, said Leong CheeTung, Co-founder and CEO at EngageRocket.

This software service is publicly available for Singapore companies starting April 13. Data submitted will be anonymised and aggregated, offering companies with a comparative view against industry benchmark data.

Singaporean companies of all sizes and industries can apply for the service here.