Leading change through an emphasis on driving the human experience

Through a new webinar series, SAP SuccessFactors will examine how CHROs can drive both workplace digital transformation and employee experience.
By: | March 22, 2021

As the pandemic continues to reshape the way we work, many organisations are making their people a priority as they strive to acquire the best talent and skills.

To help and guide global CHROs through their HR and people priorities for 2021, SAP SuccessFactors, in collaboration with HRM Asia, is launching the Leading the Change series of webinar sessions to examine key issues facing organisations in driving the human experience.

The series will kick off on Tuesday, March 31, with a session highlighting how CHROs must drive both workplace digital transformation and employee experience as their top priorities as they plan their people strategies, and how they can adopt HR technology to enable these strategies.

Sujay Bhat, HR Technology Strategy Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP SEA, said, “HR technology is becoming a really important business execution platform in today’s remote and virtual working culture. Join us to understand from HR leaders how they are leveraging HR technology to meet business goals.”

“The way forward for is to be agile and innovative with technology as our main enabler and foundation,” added Mira Soetipto, Head of Human Capital, PT. Bank BTPN, Tbk, who will be part of a panel discussion with Bhat and Melinda McKinley, Managing Director, Head HR Transformation Portfolio, Standard Chartered Bank.

The panel will discuss the guiding principles and best practices around creating a compelling people strategy within your organisation, while McKinley will provide insights into how to ensure the employee experience is at the heart of the people strategy design in a new virtual world.

She will also provide tips on how organisations can develop compelling digital enablement strategies, and successfully transition to agile ways of working that support their people and digital strategy agendas.

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The session will be moderated by Stephen Choo, Managing Director, DSRInsight, who will also lead the panel of esteemed speakers in discussing how CHROs are now required to effectively empower and enable the hybrid distributed workforce, to ensure employees, especially the frontliners, have all the tools and support they need.

Click here to join the session and find out how your organisation can champion the people agenda in the new world of world.

To measure the effectiveness of the digital employee experience at the workplace, HRM Asia has partnered with CoreData and DSR Insight on a survey that explores how organisations can build their digital workplace, digital culture and digital readiness to achieve a better digital employee experience. Click here to find out more.