Singapore launches online tool to assess employees’ mental health

The Ministry of Manpower has launched iWorkHealth – a digital tool to identify areas of stress for employees, and on how to deal with them.
By: | March 8, 2021

The digital tool has been rolled out at a time when working remotely has become increasingly the default practice, and employers are having more difficulty in assessing their staff’s mental well-being. 

The tool takes the form of an online questionnaire which employees provide answers to. The results are sent to employers who will see what they can do to improve their staff’s work life. 

The mental well-being of employees in the advertising and marketing industry is more pronounced than that of other sectors, and agencies have listed it as a priority issue to be looked at this year. Many have ranked the industry as poor in looking after its employees’ mental health, with burnout cited as one of the most common issues.  

To use the tool, a business has to register with iWorkHealth and then get employees to fill out the survey. 

Employees then answer around 71 questions covering stress-related factors at the workplace, including job demands, job control, job recognition, organisation culture, and relationship with supervisors and co-workers. 

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The company will then receive an aggregated report and a team report. After that, the company is then encouraged to ‘intervene’ on issues fleshed out in the reports. 

To see if its interventions have worked, a company can then ask their staff to retake the survey to see if scoring has improved, according to The Drum.