Snaphunt aims to be go-to hiring platform in Asia

We often ask “Did you Google it?". Now Snaphunt founder and CEO Tulika Tripathi wants people to ask “Did you Snaphunt it?” when it comes to hiring.
By: | January 23, 2020

In the first part of our exclusive feature on AI-driven recruitment platform Snaphunt, we talk to Founder and CEO Tulika Tripathi about the challenges she faced in building a startup from scratch and the vision she has for the company. 

In 2017, Snaphunt founder and CEO Tulika Tripathi saw a problem in the hiring market with companies spending too much time and money on finding talent. And when they do, they are often not the right fit.

She could see that technology and artificial intelligence (AI) were a solution to help companies and job seekers find the right fit in a quick, transparent, convenient and cost-efficient way – all without the need of a human recruiter.

So she quit her well-paying job as Managing Director -Asia at Hudson (she was previously Managing Director of Michael Page Singapore and India as well as Executive Director of Michael Page Switzerland) to start Snaphunt all on her own and with her own personal savings.

For employers, Snaphunt is a smart, hiring platform that takes away manual tasks related to hiring while providing them support and expertise at every step of the hiring process-  from defining their needs, to sourcing, screening, interviewing, and finally, hiring the right talent.

For job seekers, the AI-driven platform not only proposes jobs that match their profile, they also get real-time updates on the status of their applications, bringing transparency to the whole recruitment process.

“During my 15 years in recruitment, I learnt that when people find a job that is a good fit, they become more confident, more successful and that really changes their lives as well as  the lives of the people around them,” she said.

“Similarly, talent is at the heart of any company’s success and yet hiring the right talent is in the top three challenges for most organisations. I believe we can really help companies achieve great outcomes across industries by helping them hire the right talent.

“There was a point in 2017, when I realized that technology could help achieve these outcomes at scale and it was with this idea that I started Snaphunt,” she added. “I want to make the whole hiring process quicker, more accurate, more convenient and as cost-effective as possible because traditionally, it is very expensive, manual and generally frustrating.”

In this competitive recruitment industry where there is no shortage of platforms for companies and job seekers, where does Tulika see Snaphunt?

She enthused, “I see us solving this hiring problem across Asia. I want Snaphunt to be a dominant player when it comes to hiring. I see us as a go-to place for companies to find great talent and top of the mind of job seekers across Asia.

“I want companies to say “Did you Snaphunt that person?” and job seekers to say “Did you Snaphunt that job?””

Snaphunt is currently in 10 countries across Asia– Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong.