Talent recruitment and engagement key for business success

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will examine how organisations can recruit and retain the best talent, in order to move successfully into a new era of work.
By: | May 4, 2021

With the business landscape shifting dramatically over the past year because of the pandemic, the way we work has been irrevocably changed.

As organisations embark on defining their ‘new normal’ in the workplace, one of the key challenges facing HR leaders is to recruit and retain the best talent who can help their organisations move forward successfully.

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021, Asia’s largest regional flagship conference for HR and work tech, will provide you with key insights into talent management and recruitment strategies.

For instance, to continue to thrive in today’s new world of work, there has arguably never been a more pressing demand for Talent Acquisition (TA) teams to rethink and reconfigure their recruitment strategies, suggested Neil Jones, Regional Managing Director of APAC, AMS.

At HR Tech Fest Connect 2021, Jones, together with Madeline Laurano, Founder, Aptitude Research, will discuss how recruitment outsourcing can fill the TA capacity gaps on a small-scale project basis, while helping teams grow capability at the same time.

Their presentation, titled Can your recruitment strategy keep pace with changing business priorities, will also explain why organisations need to move fast to support critical growth phases and unexpected hiring demands, beyond just attracting and acquiring new talent.

As more Gen Z enter the workforce and baby boomers increasingly working past the retirement age, a multigenerational workforce is beginning to emerge. Effectively leading the multigenerational workforce is now critical to business success, said Rachele Focardi, Global Thought Leader, Author and Founder of XYZ@Work.

In her presentation titled Talent management in a multigenerational workforce – How can HR take the lead, Focardi will explain why being aware of employees’ needs, challenges, viewpoints, strengths and fears is key to unlock the power of intergenerational collaboration in the workplace.

During times of change, how quickly people decisions are made – including identifying and utilising existing talent – is critical to ensure business continuity. A recent study by SHL found that there are 27 contextual leadership challenges that matter most when making or breaking leaders’ performance in making these key decisions.

In his presentation titled Level up your talent decisions with the power of context: What are the new metrics?, Michael Lee, Managing Consultant, South-East Asia, SHL, will provide insights into how the power of context can be used to align and develop leaders to business strategy.

He will also offer a more agile and dynamic approach to leadership identification and development to increase the speed and accuracy of talent mobility decisions in an unpredictable environment, explains how data can be deployed to improve diversity and engagement in the organisation, and how objective data can be re-used to make real-time talent management decisions, from high potential identification to succession planning.

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Organised by HRM Asia and powered by ADP, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will take place from May 27-28, featuring a carefully curated group of inspirational HR visionaries and experts, including Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy, and Dr Terri Horton, Workforce Futurist and Founder of FuturePath.

The completely virtual event is also supported by leading companies such as Globalization Partners, Oracle, SAP, Sentosa Development Corporation and Qualtrics, and will provide the platform for the largest HR network in Asia to connect, network, discover and share ideas on issues such as HR technology, workforce management and the future of work.

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