Turning crisis into opportunity: Digital advisory boards go virtual

In his new book, Laurence Smith charts the top 10 things leaders should do to turn crisis into opportunity.
By: | July 21, 2020

If your organisation already has a digital transformation strategy in place, the next step perhaps, is to create a digital advisory board (DAB).

DABs, explained Laurence Smith, Chartered Fellow CIPD, and a thought leader in digital mindset and transformation, are typically a combination of internal and external members meeting a few times a year to share, learn and problem-solve on different areas of the business where digital can have a significant impact.

He continued, “Those that I’ve seen be most successful are generally those that have a broader organisational transformation mandate, while diving deep into specific areas or themes as needed. They then also benefit from broader, and more senior organisational sponsorship and consequently have a larger impact on the business as a whole.”

In his new book, Transformation Mindset: 10 Things Leaders should be Doing Today to turn Crisis into Opportunity, Smith also recommended DAB operating models to be adapted for today’s socially distanced and virtually enabled world.

When done right, he insisted that DABs can generate a crucial amount of insight, innovation and inspiration that will help address and make progress on business challenges, as well as create compelling new ideas to be tested and validated.

“You also accelerate the ‘Digital Mindset’ and confidence of those participating and other stakeholders. Making rotations of internal people through the DAB is a great people developer and should be part of your overall ‘Digital Mindset’ strategy,” Smith concluded.

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