HRM Asia’s top stories for September, 2018

Check out what caught readers' attention over the month of September - from workplace bullying to Alibaba's talent development plans in Singapore.
By: | October 1, 2018


No matter what your job, you’ll find there is always plenty of small, dare we say annoying, administrative tasks that roll around at the start of each new month.

We’re not saying you’ll definitely want the distraction today, but the first of the month is also a good time to reflect on the news and events of the weeks just passed.

In that light, here are the top five stories that caught readers’ eyes on in September, 2018.


5. HRM Five: Toxic leadership lessons from Theranos

A case study in fraud and market manipulation from the US, also has some valuable lessons for HR around the world. Yamini Chinnuswamy explains how toxic leadership impacted the shattered workforce of Theranos.


4. Workplace bullying: What HR needs to know

Marion Neubronner explains the risks and ramifications of bullying cultures within the workplace, in this extract from her book Turning Gen Y On: What Every Leader Needs to Know about Recruiting and Retaining the Millennials.


3. The untold secrets of effective teambuilding

With the future of work just around the corner, helping teams bond and grow stronger collectively is more important than ever. Yamini Chinnuswamy highlights some of the creative options now available in Singapore.


2. Thailand lifts restrictions on foreign work permit holders

Foreigners holding Thai work permits will no longer be restricted to the one, original employer that they first signed up with. Instead, they can seek out new offers and transfers can take place using the same permit.


1. Alibaba launches talent programme in Singapore

The Alibaba Talent Programme aims to develop the next generation of technology-focused and innovative PhD candidates in Singapore.’s Top Stories 2018 

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