Looking back at 2019: HRM Asia’s biggest features

From exclusive case studies to the biggest HR interviews, here are five of the favourite pieces that caught readers' eyes throughout the year of 2019.
By: | December 16, 2019

It’s been a big, big year for HR in Asia-Pacific; and a big year for HRM Asia too. Between December 16 and 23, we’ll be taking a look at all of the issues, features, interviews, and news stories that made headlines throughout the HR community. See the full list here:

  • HRM Asia’s biggest features
  • Hong Kong’s political issues hit employers (to be published from December 18)
  • The year in job cuts and reorganisations (to be published on December 19)
  • Transformations that made news (to be published on December 20)
  • HRM Asia’s biggest news stories (to be published on December 23)

It’s been a big, big year for HR in Asia-Pacific; and a big year for HRM Asia too. Throughout 2019, we have worked hard to bring you the biggest features, interviews, and case studies that have led the agenda for the HR community throughout the region. Here are five of the favourite pieces that have caught readers’ eyes throughout the year.

5. Facebook: It IS a great place to work

Published as part of our November-December print issue, and online from November 27, this piece takes a look at Facebook’s values-driven culture and ambitious growth plans for the Asia-Pacific region. It features both Benjamin Joe, Vice President of Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets Benjamin Joe, and Lizzie Runham, HR Director for Asia-Pacific, who also share on their own cooperation at the top of the organisation.

4. Spotify’s shiny happy people

Published in the April-May issue of HRM Magazine Asia, and online from April 26, readers were enthralled at the chance to go inside one of the fastest-growing technology-based businesses from Europe. The interview with Head of HR for Asia-Pacific Michael Kim touched on the company’s unique Swedish-inspired people management philosophy as well as its recently announced parental leave policy.

3. DBS’ Transformation team: Agents of change

The first part of HRM Magazine Asia‘s July-August cover story was a hit online, where it was published from July 31. Featuring an exclusive interview with Chief Data and Transformation Officer Paul Cobban, and others in his team, this piece outlines the 10-year journey that DBS Bank has taken from a bottom-of-the pile bank to being crowned the world’s best.

2. Building both people and culture at AirAsia

Published online from July 1, this Q&A-style interview with AirAsia’s Group Chief People Officer Varun Bhatia reveals the lengths that he and the company have gone to build and maintain an enviable culture across the Kuala Lumpur-based airline’s massive and diverse workforce. The piece also gives some insight into Bhatia’s keynote presentation at CHRO Series Singapore, which took place on November 13.

1. HR trends to watch out for in 2019

Our most-read feature for the year was actually published on December 28, 2018 – but was something that readers continually checked in on throughout the first quarter of 2019 and then even further throughout the rest of the year. Jacinta Quah, the founder and CEO of JQ Coaching & Consulting, offered her predictions for HR in the year ahead. Based on a 20-year career across the technology and software industries, Quah’s expectations have mostly played out, with more to come in the new decade.

Check it out again now; but also stay tuned for more predictions for 2020 here at www.hrmasia.com in the last week of December.