CHRO Singapore: Embracing culture, tech and mobility

CHRO Singapore will highlight pivotal HR trends optimising HR tech for enhanced employee experience and talent mobility.
By: | November 17, 2023

HR leaders in Singapore are preparing for the future of work by focusing on building a culture of belonging and equity, deploying innovative HR technologies to improve employee experience, and supporting talent mobility. These are some of the key trends and topics that will be covered at CHRO Singapore, an event organised by HRM Asia, under the theme HR 2024 and Beyond: How CHROs Can Shape Organisational and Workforce Transformation.

CHRO Singapore promises to be a platform for HR leaders to explore the most critical trends and topics in the field. Taking place from 7 December 2023 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, CHRO Singapore is poised to bring valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities to over 150 CHROs.

The event is proudly supported by ADP, BTS, GLOBIS Corporation, the National University of Singapore (NUS), and Whatfix.

With a welcome address by Low Yen Ling, Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth, and Minister for State for Trade and Industry in Singapore, the event will kick off with the opening keynote, Sustaining Success: Navigating HR’s Rebirth Amidst Disruption, by Dr Tanvi Gautam, HR Influencer, Keynote Speaker and Transformational Leadership Expert. Dr Tanvi will share her insights on what core themes CHROs should prioritise to sustain the surge of success ignited during the pandemic and make transformation and reinvention of the HR function a core and sustainable capability.

One of the insightful sessions that will be featured at CHRO Singapore is Leadership Redefined in A Hybrid World and its Impact on Talent Management. This session, presented by Jessica Zhang, Senior Vice-President, Asia-Pacific, ADP, offers attendees an opportunity to gain insights into how organisations can adapt and thrive in the new world of work, Zhang will delve into strategies for strengthening employee-manager relationships and provide tips for effective communication with empathy.

Great culture stands as a linchpin for success, but why is it so important, and how can HR leaders ensure that culture remains not just a buzzword but a driving force? Gianfranco Di Maira, Senior Vice-President, Partner and Managing Director of BTS Singapore and South-East Asia, will attempt to address this and unravel the true value of establishing a robust and meaningful culture that permeates every facet of an organisation.

The next session, titled Unlocking Employee Wellbeing and Talent Retention: The Secret to Corporate Longevity, tackles the challenges of ensuring employee wellbeing and retaining top talent. Drawing from the Japanese philosophy of Kokorozashi, the session will explore how this approach transcends traditional HR practices. Adam Gordon, Director at GLOBIS Corporation, will reveal the secrets to Japanese corporate longevity, and guide attendees into creating a holistic approach to talent retention that goes beyond traditional HR strategies.

Zaid Hamzah, AI & Data Practitioner, Executive Education Fellow, Advanced Computing for Executives, School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS), will lead the next session on How Generative AI will Transform the HR Sector. This session aims to shed light on strategies for harnessing generative AI to enhance efficiency and productivity, as well as the steps needed for a successful generative AI project. Attendees will also gain insights into managing people readiness, refining processes, managing data, and budget allocation.

There will also be a session titled Unlocking HR’s Potential with Digital Adoption Platforms by Sameer Mishra, Vice-President and Head of Sales for India and South-East Asia, Whatfix. This session will explore how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) can streamline employee experience, training, and onboarding processes, while simultaneously mitigating digital fatigue and bolstering employee engagement. Moreover, Mishra will provide strategies for implementing a DAP within an organisation, allowing HR leaders to enhance their ability to achieve organisational HR goals efficiently and effectively.

In today’s competitive landscape, organisations strive not only to deliver outstanding products and services but also to excel in the intricate art of managing people, culture, and data. These facets have become pivotal in maintaining competitiveness and fostering lasting success. To delve into the essence of this multifaceted challenge, Dr Jaclyn Lee, CHRO of Certis, will present a compelling session titled Managing People, Data and Culture in The Modern Organisation. Dr Lee’s insights will encompass the significance of employee experience, a concept that revolves around data-driven decision-making, and underpinned by a continuous mindset and cultural transformation.

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As organisations strive to harness the power of digital tools to enhance efficiency and competence, digital fluency becomes indispensable. In another session titled Embracing Digital Fluency Through Change Management, Jennifer Yuan, HRBP Vice-President, UPS Asia-Pacific Region, UPS, will share UPS’ journey towards digital fluency, where employees have been empowered to overcome obstacles, celebrate accomplishments, and acquire valuable knowledge along the way. Yuan will delve into UPS’ ongoing path towards digital fluency, which is also driving transformation and propelling organisational change.

As CHRO Singapore unfolds, it will host two panel discussions, Challenging the Status Quo: Multi-Dimensional Approach to Supporting Talent Mobility and HR 2024 and Beyond: Building the Future Organisations Today. The former will be moderated by Dr Tanvi, who will be joined by Sonali Roychowdhury, CHRO for AMEA Kellanova; Ale Ferraro, CHRO, Growth Markets, Accenture; and Narelle Burke, CHRO, Human Resources, Insights Asia-Pacific and Global Consulting, Kantar; in exploring the pivotal role of innovative, multi-dimensional strategies that transcend gender norms, creating tangible changes in organisational culture. It will also delve into advocating for progressive government policies that can unlock the full potential of talent mobility.

The latter centres around the theme of shaping the future of work and organisations to help organisations navigate existing challenges and position them for success in 2024 and beyond. This discussion will be moderated by Philippa “Pip” Penfold, Managing Director of Integrating Intelligence, who will be joined by Rashmi Sharma, Head of Talent Management, GovTech Singapore; Virendra Shelar, President, OMRON Asia-Pacific and General Manager, Global Human Resources Strategy, OMRON Corporation; and Eddie Lee, HR Consultant (Chief People Office), Mewah Group.

CHRO Singapore is set to be a pivotal event for HR leaders as they prepare for the dynamic future of work. This gathering is poised to provide a comprehensive platform for HR professionals to explore and adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of HR.

HRM Asia is set to host an informative Masterclass series in partnership with The ESG Institute on the 6 of December 2023. This series will provide HR leaders with an opportunity to enhance their skills in specialised areas through insights shared by Joanne Flinn, Chair of The ESG Institute; and Jonathan Cheung, CEO of The ESG Institute.

The Masterclass series will begin with an inaugural session titled Sustainability in Action for CHROs, which will put the spotlight on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters, equipping HR leaders with a comprehensive understanding of current ESG standards. To find out more about CHRO Singapore or ESG Masterclass, click here.