Mastering the art of change from within by unlocking new capabilities

HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2021 will provide key insights into how organisations can strengthen their ability to drive change into the future of work.
By: | July 15, 2021

For many organisations, the ability to adapt to the disruption and change caused by the pandemic has been key for business continuity.

However, while these unprecedented times will continue to call for unprecedented measures, is there some common wisdom available to help the business world take stock and plan for the future, asked Amer Iqbal, APAC Head of Digital Transformation, Facebook.

To answer this question and more, Iqbal will be part of an exciting lineup of some of the most forward-thinking personalities and authorities in the HR who will be speaking at HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2021

During his presentation on Tuesday, September 21 at 10.30am (SGT), Iqbal will examine how many internal upskilling programmes fall short, even though this is one of the most common ways that corporations innovate. “Armies of newly agile certified employees flock back to their desk only to discover everything around them stayed the same,” he cited as an example.

Join Iqbal, as he reveals some of the secrets that tech companies have used to drive innovation behaviour, providing a simple framework for internal change that has been successfully adopted by incumbents in traditional industries.

Powered by ADP, HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2021 is taking place from September 21-23 and is brought to you by the industry’s global leading HR media and event organisers HR Tech Conference Las Vegas, HRE Magazine US, HRM Magazine and HRM Asia.

The entirely virtual event will highlight many key workforce issues facing business and HR leaders today, including leadership, culture, employee experience and talent acquisition.

For the latter, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is raising a provocative question for talent acquisition professionals: What is the role of humans in hiring?

Recruiting will become a symbiosis of human and machine, complementing each other’s strengths, suggested Susan Cheong, Managing Director and Head, Talent Acquisition Group, Group Human Resources, DBS Bank.

She added, “As AI takes over more manual tasks, some functions of a recruiter’s role may disappear. However, new, higher-value, more fulfilling human roles will also emerge.”

In her presentation on Thursday, September 23 at 10am (SGT), Cheong will provide key insights into how to make hiring more human, how to stay ahead of the game by learning, experimenting and adapting to emerging technologies.

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After acquiring the right talent, the next step for organisations to take is to create an effective employee experience. To do this, organisations need to provide ample opportunities for employee learning and development (L&D), highlighted Drew Fernandez, Global Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group, The Coca-Cola Company.

L&D, he explained, does not only represent an investment into existing talent to meet the current business needs of the organisation, but also in building a future pipeline for talent for the organisation.

Join Fernandez on Thursday, September 23 at 10.30am (SGT), where he will examine the major impacts that effective L&D programmes have on employees and their experience, including reducing attrition. He will also touch on how organisations can make L&D a central focus of the employee experience framework, and the essential components that will help create a successful L&D strategy.

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