Redesigning work and the workplace to elevate the human experience 

The Engage and Innovate Theatres at HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 will discuss how HR leaders can navigate the changing nature of work.
By: | April 4, 2023

Under the theme Engage. Sustain. Thrive. Navigating the New Paradigms of People and Work, HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 aims to reflect the changing nature of work and how organisations can navigate these new paradigms. The festival will also focus on centring the transformation agenda around the human experience, sustainability, and design thinking. By doing so, organisations can ensure that they redesign work and the workplace to align with the needs of employees, the environment, and wider society. 

The two-day event will feature several thought-provoking conference sessions across a number of content hubs, including the Engage and Innovate Theatres. Attendees can expect to engage with industry experts and thought leaders, network with peers, and explore innovative technologies that can help transform the workplace. 

HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 is set to begin on May 10 with an opening address by Zaqy Mohamad, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Defence and Minister of Manpower, Singapore, at 9:50am (SGT), followed by a keynote speech by Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company 

Bersin, who will be delivering his keynote live from the US, will discuss how the HR tech marketplace is evolving faster than ever and how new technologies, such as skills technology and AI-driven innovations, are reinventing the industry. In his presentation, titled HR Technology Disruption 2023: How the Market is Radically Changing, Bersin will also address the growing demand for solutions that improve recruitment, retention, employee development, wellbeing, and productivity.  

The Engage Theatre will also host presentations by Martin Laschkolnig, Founder and CEO, Institute for the Development of Potential; and Kevin Oakes, CEO, Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp). The latter will lead a discussion on how to evaluate productivity in the current era of work, emphasising that output should be measured, rather than time spent on the job or proximity to a boss. In his presentation, Productivity Secrets of High-Performing Organisations, Oakes will explore how top-performing organisations are rethinking and recalibrating productivity, measuring it, and optimising the factors that contribute to it.  

Laschkolnig’s presentation, Serenity in Times of Crisis, will explore how to maintain a sense of calmness in the face of adversity. He will share techniques and mindset changes that can help individuals re-centre themselves and regain their composure, both at work and at home. Through an inspiring and engaging talk, Laschkolnig will provide attendees with tools to deal with daily stressors and handle overwhelming situations when they arise.  

Jonathan Cheung, CEO of The ESG Institute, will take the stage at the Innovate Theatre to address the challenges of transitioning to a net-zero economy in the face of global pressure for compliance with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations. Cheung will highlight the role of HR in supporting organisations’ ESG visions, strategy, goals, and requirements. Through his presentation, titled The Importance of HR in Enabling ESG Outcomes in Your Organisation, Cheung aims to share his knowledge on incorporating ESG components into an organisation’s talent management strategy, key performance indexes, and culture to meet growing ESG requirements while ensuring equity and justice in social and governance contexts.  

Eric Ng, Executive Director and General Manager, Amgen South-East Asia, Hong Kong, and India; and Chris Chan, Regional Counsel, Japan Asia-Pacific, Amgen JAPAC, will lead the next session titled Building an Equitable DEIB Workforce in 2023. During the session, they will emphasise the significance of developing an equitable diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) workforce, and how this approach has empowered Amgen to foster an inclusive, high-performing culture, enabling employees to thrive and achieve the mission of serving patients.  

Day one at the Innovate Theatre will be concluded by Jelvie Grech, People Systems Lead, REA Group. In her talk titled Why People Data Analytics Is Poised To Drive Big Changes In 2023, Grech will shed light on how the new world of work has created an increased appreciation for people data analytics, and how attendees can unlock the benefits of people data analytics and insights to overcome challenges that may arise along the way. 

On the second day, the Innovate Theatre will open with a presentation by Shaun Ee, Cluster Head of People at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore and Heineken Myanmar. Titled Why It’s Time to Focus on Total Wellbeing, Ee will delve into the importance of total wellbeing in today’s workplace and how organisations can gain a competitive advantage by prioritising employee wellness and satisfaction. With the growing demands of modern work, this session will provide valuable insights on the latest trends and best practices in total wellbeing and ways HR leaders can support their employees’ health and happiness.  

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The next session in line is titled How the World of Total Rewards Has Totally Changed – Let’s Broaden the Concept of ‘Rewards’ Beyond the Conventional and will be presented by Fabiene Enderlin, CPO Zuhlke Asia, Zuhkle Engineering. The significance of salary has undergone a shift, and its importance is no longer what it used to be. While monetary compensation remains essential, it is not necessarily the most crucial factor in attracting and retaining talent. Therefore, it is imperative to rethink the rewards offered to employees, and Enderlin will share her experiences and tips on how to broaden the concept of ‘rewards’ beyond the conventional. 

After which, Steven Businovski, Organisational Development and Learning, BHP, will present the next session titled Five Things I Learned About Implementing a Global Organisation Development and Learning Solution. Whether if an organisation is just beginning to think about building employee capabilities or has already started the process of developing a business-wide approach to learning and development, this session offers valuable insights.  

The Innovate Theatre will come to a close with an engaging panel discussion titled Business Trends for 2023/24 and Forecasts for the HR Industry. Moderated by Saikat Chatterjee, Senior Director of People Advisory at Gartner, the panel will feature Angelina Chua, Head of People and Culture for Asia-Pacific South at SIG Group, Eugene Lam, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources at ST Engineering, and Wendy Weehuizen, Vice-President of People Experience for Asia and the Middle East at Sony Music Entertainment. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights from these experts on upcoming business trends that will impact HR best practices in the years ahead.  

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