HR Tech Fest Connect 2020: Understanding The Future of Remote Work

The 2-day virtual conference will concentrate on the core areas of Leadership, Technologies, Communications, Recruitment and Wellbeing.
By: | April 13, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a wave of disruption to the workforce, heralding a new shift in working patterns, none more so perhaps, than remote working.

To help HR leaders make a successful transition to The Future of Remote Work, HRM Asia is launching the highly anticipated HR Tech Fest Connect 2020, a 100% virtual conference that will see the biggest online gathering of HR thought leaders and luminaries such as Josh Bersin, John Sumser and Jason Averbook, among many others.

The two-day online conference, which will be held on May 12-13, focuses on the future of remote work and explores the strategies and tools HR leaders can use to build effective teams that are able to work across boundaries, functions, cultures, geographies and time zones.  These will be curated into the core areas of:

  • Leadership: In these uncertain times, strong leadership is more pivotal than ever. How can leaders adapt skills and work cultures to lead in the age of remote working?
  • Technologies: For remote working to be productive, technology will be crucial. Discover the latest technology forces shaping the future workplace, and learn about the new platforms that will enhance flexible work arrangements across all team sizes and budget considerations.
  • Communications: Working remotely does not mean complete isolation from co-workers and business partners. Find out how organisations are using the most effective virtual platforms to maintain business operations, as well as for recruitment and on-boarding.
  • Recruitment: How do you identify the right talent for remote working, and has there been a paradigm shift in the talent profile? Learn how organisations can overcome hiring challenges while meeting key business operation needs.
  • Wellbeing: Not all employees can adjust seamlessly to remote working. HR leaders need to manage the social disconnect with remote working, and ensure employees’ mental health is not adversely affected. Find out the key considerations HR needs to take into account, and how technologies like AI is influencing the world of employee wellbeing and mental health.

The HR Tech Fest Connect 2020 is completely virtual and free to attend. Register now to immerse yourself in two full days of exclusive free content that will equip you for the future of remote work.

HR Tech Fest Connect 2020, Asia’s
LARGEST VIRTUAL HR conference taking place May 12 – 13. Exclusive 2-days of content featuring 40 sessions and more than 40 speakers. Don’t miss out on this 100% online event for the HR community.

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