HR Tech Festival Asia 2022: What’s happening on Day 2

From May 11-13, HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 will be presented virtually, offering a lineup of global and regional HR leaders.
By: | May 11, 2022

After a successful opening day, HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 continues today as a virtual platform for participants to learn from global and regional HR experts, discover innovative solutions, and build virtual connections through a series of programmes and activities.

As part of the HR Leaders’ APAC Summit, Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst & CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, will discuss the fundamentals HR must focus on to help their organisations address current and near-term challenges, while laying a foundation for successful growth.

In his keynote session titled, Preparing for Ongoing Disruption: Where HR Should Focus, Bersin will also reveal highlights from recent research on topics such as organisational design, talent acquisition, skills development, and change ability.

Also speaking at the HR Leaders’ APAC Summit is Margaret Heffernan, Author & Professor of Practice, University of Bath. In her keynote session titled, Leading Through Complexity: What Is the New Social Contract at Work, Heffernan will access the future workplace to better forecast future skills in demand, share tips on how to improve workplace collaboration, and highlight how firms can remain responsive to changing values and concerns to meet future workforce expectations.

With many organisations beginning to realise the importance of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture in creating engaged and productive employees, the Women in HR Technology Conference will provide HR leaders in Asia Pacific with key insights to advance workplace gender equity.

Chaired by Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of the Devon Group, the half-day conference will discuss topics such as diversity in recruitment, inclusion analytics, and technologies that can help to drive gender equality in the workplace.

The lineup of distinguished speakers includes Aliza Knox, Author, Speaker, and Non-Executive Director at Health Metrics. In her presentation titled, Moving Ahead Together to Advance the World of Work, Knox will share advice on how you can nurture your work while building the skills and stamina need to thrive in today’s hybrid workplace.

One of the most eagerly anticipated events this year is the debuting ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Summit.  Moderated by Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, AHDO, the inaugural online event will examine the state of human development at work and how this can be improved in the ASEAN region.

In a panel discussion titled, HR to HD: Transformation of HR to HD – What an HD Organisation Looks Like, Dr Aubrey will be joined by Nazrul Aziz, Vice President, Graduate, Diaspora & Industry Partnership, TalentCorp and AHDO Malaysia Board; Tayla-Michelle Bestbier, Human Development Executive, Plumm Health; Alvin Goh, Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute and AHDO Singapore Board; Alexis Pham, Chief People Officer, Home Credit Vietnam and AHDO Vietnam Board; and Pambudi Sunarsihanto, Human Resources Director, Blue Bird Group and Chair AHDO Indonesia, as they discuss the transformation of HR, growth of HD (human development) and how HD organisations look like, as well as the priorities for HR leaders today.

For those looking for more insights into making hybrid work a success, be sure to join the Microsoft session titled, Leadership Perspectives: Making Hybrid Work, Work. Moderated by Lynn Dang, Human Resource Lead, Singapore and Vietnam, Microsoft, the session, part of HR Tech Festival Online, will reveal the most urgent trends business leaders need to know in 2022.

Joined by Feon Ang, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, LinkedIn and Andrea Della Mattea, President, Asia Pacific, Microsoft, Dang will lead the discussion on how to reimagine the employee experience, how to attract and retain employees, and how to rebuild social capital in the hybrid future of work.

With more businesses focusing on streamlining their operations or implementing a hybrid workplace model in a post-pandemic world, where does building, reskilling, and retaining of talent fit in the picture?

To answer this question and more, join Eklavya Bhave, Senior Regional Director for Asia, Cousera; Raghav Gupta, Managing Director for APAC, Coursera; and Mohamad Kamal Bin Nawawi, CEO, Axiata Foundation, as they discuss how organisations can put talent at the centre of business growth.

From using data to attract candidates to deriving actionable insights for career moves, digital HR has paved the way for people analytics across the employee journey.

To find out what top employers and leading organisations are doing to overcome challenges in building the right capabilities in HR and making data and analytics part of their culture, join Ammara Naeem, Head of Client Success, Top Employers Institute and Venkatesh Ram, HR Head, Tata Consultancy Services, in their session titled, Unlocking the Power Of People Analytics Across The Employee Journey.

Also joining HR Tech Festival Online is Mike Bollinger, Global VP, Strategic Initiatives, Cornerstone OnDemand, who will be presenting a session titled, Thriving in The Global Skills Shortage: Your Path Through the Wilderness.

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