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Flipping the script

Online broadcaster Netflix has not only revolutionised programme viewing, it has also transformed the traditional talent management function through a highly intricate manifesto called the Culture Deck. Scott Domann, Netflix’s Global Vice President of Talent and HR, and a key speaker for HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017, shares more
Sham Majid - 18 Apr 2017
Despite a global headcount of over 20,000 employees, communication group Havas espouses the ideals of community and kinship within its ranks. HRM Asia finds out how these principles shape its HR strategies
HRM Asia - 18 Apr 2017
There are a lot of buzz words bandied about organisations these days, as HR works to maximise employee productivity levels. However, Bernard Coulaty, International HR Leader, Author and Speaker shares that each term cultivates specific employee actions.
Sham Majid - 28 Mar 2017
In a straight-talking interview with HRM Asia, Jenny Ooi, Chief HR Officer at plasterboards conglomerate USG Boral, shares why every HR policy is geared towards maximising the potential of the business.
Sham Majid - 21 Mar 2017
The traditional and stable world of work as we know it is slowly but surely displaced by unambiguity and disruption, characterised by short-term contracts and independent “gigs”. In this special feature, HRM Asia unravels the complexities of the gig economy and investigates it from an HR standpoint.
HRM Asia - 14 Mar 2017
K Thiveanathan, Chief HR Officer at semiconductor firm UTAC, says HR needs to recalibrate its thought process towards making an empowering and purposeful impact
Sham Majid - 14 Mar 2017
While Ademco Security Group offers a plethora of security products and systems, the organisation also crafts strategies to spur employees to greater heights

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