Mature Workers

Mature workers matter too

The process of population ageing is occurring much more rapidly in Asia than is the case in Europe or North America. HRM discusses how employers can tap into the strengths of the silver workforce and keep them engaged, whilst also boosting the national economy
HRM Asia - 20 Jun 2011
Look beyond myths and common perceptions to enjoy the benefits of silver talent says Josh Goh, Assistant Director, Corporate Services, The GMP Group
HRM Asia - 01 Apr 2011
Tapping the mature workforce can boost the much needed talent pool in today's shrinking labour market
Priya de Langen - 10 Mar 2011
Singapore's much anticipated re-employment laws are set to take effect in 2012 but many employers are getting prepared now. Can the ageing workforce look forward to a brighter future as a result?
HRM Asia - 29 Oct 2010
Are there common myths or biases about hiring older workers and how can businesses overcome them?
HRM Asia - 22 Jun 2010
The workforce in Singapore is ageing fast; and demanding greater flexibility from employers. HRM investigates

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