9.38 million jobs created in China this year till August

The creation of 9.38 million urban jobs from January to August meant China has achieved 85.3% of its annual goal of job creation.
By: | September 20, 2021
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The urban unemployment rate in August remained unchanged at 5.1%, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), with spokesperson Fu Linghui adding that the urban unemployment rate of young people has declined.

In August, the unemployment rate for people aged 16-24 was 15.3%, down 0.9 percentage points month-on-month, while that for people aged 25-59 was 4.3%.  By region, the unemployment rate for 31 major cities and towns rose 0.1 percentage point to 5.3% month-on-month in August.  

In addition, the NBS survey showed that the average number of weekly working hours of employed persons in enterprises was 47.5 hours. 

The country aims to maintain job market stability as part of its 14th Five-Year Plan which ends in 2025, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said in August. 

As part of the plan, the State Council, China’s cabinet, recently issued an employment plan to expand urban employment and create at least 55 million new urban jobs before the end of 2025, while targeting to keep the unemployment rate below 5.5%. 

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Though challenges exist, Fu stressed that there are still many favourable conditions for employment to remain stable over the medium term, with the economy improving over an extended period of time, according to Global Times.