Some Australian businesses struggle to find suitable staff

About 31% of employing businesses are having difficulty finding suitable staff, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
By: | June 27, 2022
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Reflecting on results of a new survey, Tom Joseph, head of Industry Statistics at the ABS, said, “Large and medium sized businesses (66% and 62%) were more likely than small businesses (29%) to have difficulties finding suitable staff. However, nearly half (46%) of small businesses were impacted to a great extent.” 

The most frequently reported reasons were a lack of applicants (79%) and applicants not having the required skills (59%).

“This corresponds with the strengthening jobs market and current low unemployment rate,” Joseph said.  “Businesses reported having difficulty finding suitable building trade workers, clerical workers, labourers, sales staff and hospitality workers. Other in-demand jobs included engineering trades and ICT professionals.”

The results also provide information about overall changes in business operating expenses. 

In June 2022, almost half (46%) of businesses experienced increases in their operating expenses over the previous month.  This is more than double the proportion of businesses compared to June 2021 (21%). 

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When considering the month ahead, 44% of businesses expect operating expenses to increase. The proportion of businesses expecting an increase is the highest recorded since the question was first asked in July 2020.