Bangalore pays highest salaries in all of India

LinkedIn India revealed in a recent survey that Bangalore City pays the highest salaries in all of India.
By: | November 30, 2018


A recent survey produced by LinkedIn India revealed that the city of Bangalore pays the highest salaries across India.

Bangalore had the highest salaries especially in the hardware and networking, software, and consumer sectors. These sectors make up the three highest paid industries in the country.

The LinkedIn survey found that the highest average remuneration per year is led by Bangalore at INR1,167 337 (SGD$23,000).

The second highest is Mumbai at INR903,929 (SGD$18,000).

Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai complete the top five with average total remuneration per year of INR899,486 (SGD$17,487), INR845,574 (SGD$16, 400) and INR630,920 (SGD$12, 300), respectively.

Additionally, the highest paying positions in India are those of ‘director of engineering, chief operating officer, executive director, vice president sales, and senior program manager.’

LinkedIn India has more than 50 million users currently, second only to the US.