Companies in India continue to define flexible work strategies

While some companies want a full return to the office, others are offering hybrid options as part of a flexible workplace culture.
By: | November 23, 2022

Companies in different industries across India are taking different approaches when it comes to workplace arrangements.

Manufacturing firms are fully in favour of a return-to-office move, followed by those in banking, financial services & insurance companies (68%), and retail (57%), according to a study by recruitment firm Randstad India. 

Some 53% of IT companies and 45% of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms are currently adopting a hybrid working arrangement, When it comes to pure work-from-home arrangements, this falls to 18% of IT firms and 24% of BPOs.

Overall, around 46% of all companies want employees to return to the office, 16% continue to offer work-from-home options, while 32% are offering hybrid options.

There are also differences between what organisations and their workers want. Remote working preferences are high among BPO and IT workers, especially female employees. Some 51% said they are open to hybrid working arrangements, 41% stated that they prefer fully remote working arrangements, while 3% said they do not want to work from home. 

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“Organisations are focusing on offering a flexible workplace culture to employees, not only in terms of hybrid-, remote-working and flexible work hours, but also in terms of enabling career growth through learning opportunities, re-skilling, up-skilling, experimentation with new job roles,” said Viswanath P S, Randstad India MD & CEO.