Malaysian companies must shoulder additional costs for vaccination

Companies participating in the programme that sees their employees vaccinated need to pay for the additional costs involved.
By: | June 15, 2021

Companies must pay for the additional costs for the vaccination of their workers under the public-private partnership COVID-19 industrial immunisation programme (PIKAS), says Malaysia’s international trade and industry ministry (MITI). 

While the vaccines are free, companies participating in the programme that want their employees to be vaccinated need to pay for the additional costs involved, said the government. 

“The employees do not need to fork out a single cent for their COVID-19 vaccination,” said senior minister Azmin Ali, adding that “we are committed to ensuring the workers get free vaccines under this private and government partnership programme”.

MITI urged firms in the manufacturing industry to enrol in PIKAS to ensure their workers’ vaccination. 

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“We will give priority to employees working in critical manufacturing fields, such as electronics, food processing, metal and steel, medical equipment, oil and gas, rubber products as well as personal protective equipment,” he said. 

The PIKAS programme will commence on June 16, with on-site vaccinations conducted at several industrial areas and factories.