Developers are in hot demand – but which universities produce the best?

A new survey ranks the educational institutions that provide the key skills needed for today’s technology graduates.
By: | August 15, 2019

When it comes to the top technical skills needed for a software developer, employers focus on four key learning areas: problem solving, language and code proficiency, data structures knowledge, and computer science fundamentals. But which universities are the best at teaching them?

HackerRank, a technical hiring platform, has created a league table that ranks universities according to these four skills across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. For this region, India stands head and shoulders above others as the key learning hub for developers today.

Indian Institutes of Technology, a system of 23 independent but connected public universities across India, dominated the list, providing more of the skills employers were looking for. The research was based on more than 1.4 million assessments completed by students on HackerRank’s platform.

Outside of Asia-Pacific, UC Berkeley ranked highly in the US, along with Imperial College London in the UK.
As the demand for developers continues to grow at a rapid pace, hiring managers need to look at a wide range of universities, not just the top-tier schools. ‘’Look beyond résumés and focus on skills to find the quality technical talent you need,” says HackerRank co-founder and CEO Vivek Ravisankar.