Employers in India support hybrid work arrangements

Nearly 53% of employers prefer hybrid work arrangements for their employees, though the degree of adoption varies from company to company.
By: | August 9, 2022

This comes amid the significant decline in COVID-19 cases, according to a survey by Awfis, which further revealed that close to 74% of employers are looking towards distributed workspaces as a strategy to shift from location-centric to people-centric workplaces.

Most offices in India have opened for employees to report to work on-site, with telecom and consulting sectors seeing 75-100% of their staff returning to offices. However, the IT and new technology sectors account for the lowest rate of employees returning to offices (0-25%).

The survey also highlighted that about 74% of the employers are likely to adopt distributed workspace, while about 53% of employers prefer their staff to have hybrid work arrangements as their preferred workplace portfolio strategy.

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Other findings of the survey include, almost half of employers (49%), are likely to adopt flex centres to enable distributed workspace, followed by setting up their own offices in metro and non-metro cities, according to India.com.