Flexible work arrangements a priority to jobseekers in Singapore

Employees are also looking for jobs that align with their aspirations and lifestyle to create a more meaningful work purpose.
By: | August 17, 2022

More than three in four employees in Singapore now recognise the importance of remote work, according to a recent survey.

About 80% of the 1,000 employees surveyed indicated that having flexibility in terms of working hours is important to them, and 42% of the respondents said they would not accept a job if they are unable to work from home.

The survey, conducted by Randstad, found that 41% of respondents would not accept a job if it did not offer flexible work hours, while 52% of respondents claimed that their employers allowed them to work remotely.

The survey also showed that 27% of respondents admitted to quitting a job due to a lack of flexibility in working hours and location. Furthermore, 41% of all respondents said they would rather be unemployed than feel unhappy in their jobs, and 52% said they would quit if their jobs prevented them from enjoying life.

By age group, 57% of those between the ages of 25 and 34 said they would quit their jobs if it prevented them from enjoying their lives, while 45% of those between the ages of 45 and 54 echoed the same sentiments.

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In addition, the survey showed that 44% of respondents would not mind earning a lower salary if they felt that their jobs contributed to society – 10% higher than the global average.

About 43% said that they would not accept a job with a business that does not align with their values on social and environmental issues. The same percentage reported the same sentiment if the company was not making a proactive effort to improve its diversity and equity.