HR development key for Indonesia’s advancement

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has called for the development of human resources as a priority for Indonesia's continued development.
By: | August 3, 2021

Mulyani, who is also a member of the University of Indonesia’s (UI’s) Board of Trustees, said such advancement can be shown in areas such as education, health, poverty, and culture. 

The advancement can also be reflected in the absence of malnutrition among the young people of the country. 

“However, the most important thing of all is the advancement of its citizens’ civilisation in the form of attitude, character, and behaviour,” said Mulyani, who also teaches at UI’s Economy and Business Faculty. 

She said that the development in education, health, and basic infrastructure sectors starts from clean water, electricity, to road construction connecting the goods-production centres.  

Such connectivity must be executed with the competence improvement of its state institutions, such as good governance, efficiency, productivity, and anti-corruption. “Those are the requirements for a nation to become a developed one, and Indonesia has shown its side to bolster its advancement by allocating the state budget to such aspects,” she said. 

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Budgeting money from taxes to finance development programmes in several sectors to promote public welfare is akin to human resource management, she said in a virtual new student initial activities (Kamaba) event joined by 8,000 UI’s new students of diploma and bachelor degree levels from regular, parallel, and international classes, according to Antara.