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Year 2022 will be another year of organisational transformation as businesses overcome the changes and challenges brought about in 2021. The priorities for most HR leaders, as they support these new businesses strategies, will focus heavily on building critical skills and competencies, and to also undertake workforce and work (re)design, leadership development, preparing for the future workplace and improving the employee experience.

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The HR Leadership Series is the best resource destination for HR Leaders as they navigate the trends and workforce changes that will shape the world of HR in 2022. Each month, HRM Asia’s editorial team will explore these topics through informative and thought-provoking articles, case studies and webinars.  So make sure you continue to check back and see what’s in store each month.

January 2022 | A New Era of the Hybrid Workforce

The hybrid workforce model will continue to evolve into 2022, with organisations planning for their workforces to continue with both remote and on-site as part of the same solution to optimise employers’ workforce needs.

Organisations are adjusting employment policies accordingly, whilst continuing to provide support for employees, wherever they may be working, and to create a culture that allows all employees to thrive, as well as to identify the health and wellness of employees as a top priority.

February 2022 | Talent Acquisition - Winning the Talent War

Retention starts with recruiting, and talent acquisition teams everywhere are feeling the crunch of both, the effects of the Great Resignation. Companies have been forced to consider new strategies as they continue to hire virtually, along with new emerging technologies such as AI, data and analytics which will play key roles in helping to streamline the hiring process, including pre-screening, interviewing, and onboarding new employees remotely. Organisations also need to demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion to attract and retain the best talent.

March 2022 | Learning Technologies to revolutionise L&D

Learning and development (L&D) has become the focal point for HR leaders to drive organisational growth. With new job roles emerging, L&D teams must address skills mismatch and build a learning organisation by developing lifetime learning strategies. The right training and development programmes can prepare employees to take on new roles, and drive employee productivity.

April 2022 | Ex4.0

To ensure maximum productivity in the workplace, employee engagement will continue to be a priority as the employee experience continues to be reshaped. With people key for organisational success, employees need to be empowered through the creation of policies that allow them to lead.

With a hybrid workforce, all employees must be made to feel welcomed, respected and be allowed to thrive as part of a team. HR needs to understand the different needs, demands and perspectives of individuals, and discover new ways of motivating employees.

May 2022 | Workplace Technologies

With more and more organisations reliant on technology in the workplace, choosing the right digital technologies will be key for success. Exclusive tech analysis, industry reports and industry thought-leaders provide their opinions to predict and assess ss the HR tech market for 2022 onwards.

June 2022 Leadership & Change Management – Back to Human:

Companies who want to be successful in the future of work require leaders who are authentically more human, more empathetic, more connected, and are focused on inspiring and enabling people to do their best work. For change to be effective, human-centric leaders need to step up to set the right mindsets and vision for organisational success.

July 2022  HR Technology

As workforce practices continue to evolve, organisations will increasingly depend on HR tech for key functions such as hiring and virtual onboarding, managing employees, as well as fully automated payroll systems. HR tech will also be key for organisations to redefine key strategies as they look to drive success in 2022. 

Aug 2022 Administrative HR Technologies

It is an ongoing consideration for HR Leaders to ensure their teams are collecting and managing data efficiently and effectively to support the business human capital strategies.  Technology has been the driving force in the automation of more and more HR tasks over the last several years and will continue to define the human resource operations this year.

This month in the HR Leadership Series will review the latest trends and technologies available to assist HR teams in reducing their workload across functions of payroll, time management, recruitment and onboarding, records management, employee benefits management, employee evaluations, and tax documentation.

September 2022 Performance Management Trends for 2023: 

As the way we work continues to evolve, traditional annual performance reviews will continue to lose its relevance. Instead, on-going feedback, coaching and 360-feedback will happen on a more regular basis as the focus turns to giving deeper meaning to employees’ work to improve productivity and employee retention. Organisations also need to eliminate any bias that may arise because managers do not have face-to-face interaction with remote employees.

October 2022 Workplace Compliance

To build better workplace compliance, organisations will need to identify key company values and build a culture that encourages accountability and diversity. This will facilitate the building of workplace compliance structured around being aware of and accessing the risk factors and issues that may arise in the workplace, particularly as some employees return to the workplace. Workplace safety measures will need to be adhered to, and organisations need to decide on how to manage unvaccinated employees according to regulations in various countries.

November 2022 | Compensation And Benefits Trends

With many organisations having to exercise financial prudence in 2022, fixed-pay structures will come under scrutiny. Variable or on-demand pay models that focuses on rewarding critical skill levels or work that has been done will be increasingly considered, while health and well-being benefits will also top the agenda for many employers.

December 2022 Talent Management – Trends and Priorities for 2023

An increasingly diversified workforce will see organisations rethink how they hire and retain the best employees. Besides offering just monetary rewards, employers will also be offering non-monetary peer recognition, such as social and peer-to-peer recognition, which is increasingly growing in importance for employees.

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