Indian employees look for job fulfilment

Around 34% of Indian employees, compared to 19% globally, say they are extremely or very likely to switch to a new employer.
By: | August 22, 2022

In addition, 32% say they plan to leave the workforce while 71% are concerned about being overlooked for career advancement, as compared to their global peers (21%), according to a new PwC India report.

Post-pandemic, while employers have been more focused on building a resilient workforce strategy, employees on their part are driven by opportunities for fulfilment, creativity, innovation and authenticity, apart from financial rewards. They have also been placing a premium on organisational trust, innovation and hybrid ways of working, said the report which provides insights into employee drivers, aspirations and specific outcomes employees expect in the next 12 months.

By age, the report reveals that millennials are the most likely to seek new employment, with 37% indicating that they are likely to switch employers in the next 12 months. While Gen Z employees are less likely to quit, 33% of them are extremely or very likely to ask for a reduction in work hours.

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According to the survey, the shift to hybrid work is expected to continue, with 81% of employees in India believing that their jobs can be done remotely and with 31% of those who can work remotely already working in a hybrid way.