Investment bank offers fertility treatment to staff

Goldman Sachs extends its already-generous employee benefits to include purchasing eggs from donors.
By: | November 8, 2019

As staff perks go, Goldman Sachs was already ahead of the pack. The investment bank’s generous benefit plan included sex-reassignment surgery and in vitro fertilization treatment.

Now it is offering a raft of new perks including up to $20,000 for fertility services like purchasing eggs from donors. These fall under its “pathways to parenthood” programme.

In a memo to staff Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said they were: ‘’designed to enable everyone in our workforce to better manage the commitment to their careers while starting, growing and supporting a family.”

The benefits will be available to same-sex couples along with women who delay having children or are struggling with infertility. Goldman Sachs is also expanding its paid parental leave to 20-weeks.

More companies are now offering more family-friendly policies for their employees, targeting parental leave for both new mothers and fathers.

Apple recently announced new employee benefits designed to ease the transition back to work for new parents, expanding on the 16 weeks of leave that parents are already provided with an additional four-week grace period.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has also improved its parental leave, with 26 weeks of paid leave for new parents – both mothers and fathers.