Jobs available for Cambodian migrant workers returning from Thailand

The National Employment Agency (NEA) is preparing 20,000 jobs in the kingdom for migrant workers returning from Thailand.
By: | January 13, 2021
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The workers will need to complete their compulsory 14-day quarantine before they can apply for these openings. 

The NEA, an agency under the Ministry of Labour, has set up a task force to manage the administration of this initiative, including compiling personal details of returning migrant workers, registering their information and helping them to apply for local jobs.   

“We have 20,000 primary employment opportunities at the moment. We want those who [have] returned from Thailand to take up the job offers provided by us after they have strictly complied with the Health Ministry’s directives and Standard Operating Procedures, including adhering to hygiene and safety regulations,” said NEA director Hay Hun Leng. 

Most of the jobs available to these workers would be in sectors such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture. 

The NEA will work closely with local authorities in compiling a comprehensive and detailed database so that the workers can be better match-made with jobs that commensurate with their qualifications, skills, and experience.  

“The working committee will also disseminate information on the employment opportunities to the workers at the centres. We also need the support from factories, enterprises and investors on job openings so that we can cross-match with our database to see which workers are suitable for the jobs,” Hun Leng added. 

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In addition, the NEA will put up job-offer notices prominently at job centres so that workers can contact employers directly in the capital and other provinces. 

According to Ministry of Health statistics, to date 12,088 Cambodian workers have returned from Thailand due to the COVID-19 outbreak, said Khmer Times.