More companies in India considering hybrid work model

With flexible work gaining momentum, about 73% of companies in India are evaluating the feasibility of hybrid working arrangements.
By: | July 14, 2022

A survey by real estate consulting firm CBRE also showed that 78% of the companies viewed employee health and well-being as the most important elements while facilitating the return to the office. 

“Return to office for several corporates in India is already underway, with varying occupancies currently observed across cities as well as sectors. However, with the widespread adoption of hybrid working since the pandemic, many companies are still considering the degree of flexibility needed to enhance employee productivity and connectivity,” said Anshuman Magazine, Chairman & CEO of CBRE – India, South-East Asia, Middle East & Africa.

The flexible working approach is a mix of four patterns that includes just-in-case remote work for specific circumstances, 3+ office days a week, an equal mix of office and remote work, and remote work for 3+ days a week. 

About 38% of respondents stated that they would consider an equal mix of office-based and remote work, while the remaining 35 % of respondents permit 3+ office days in a week.

The report also highlights that the technology and BFSI corporates who plan to implement hybrid working policies would mainly prefer an ‘equal mix of office-based and remote work’ or ‘mostly in office’. 

In addition, the report highlighted that technology would be critical in the adoption of flexible working models, with 59% of respondents in India intending to increase their investment in Work-Tech to achieve these goals. 

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The survey was conducted in February-March 2022, and its respondents were from different sectors, with 38% from tech, 24% from BFSI, 13% from engineering and manufacturing, among others, according to India Times.