New Zealand places 20,000 people into jobs through national programme

As the country embarks on its economic recovery, the Flexi-Wage programme has helped address skills gaps and meet workforce shortages.
By: | November 15, 2022

New Zealand has placed 20,000 people into jobs through its Flexi-Wage programme.

Describing the programme as a tool to help meet skills and workforce shortages, Carmel Sepuloni, Minister for Social Development and Employment, said it has now helped many different sectors employ jobseekers, including those in the construction, retail, forestry, fishing, and food services.

“A critical part of Flexi-Wage has been the support for employers and their businesses, giving them the confidence to get back on their feet and take on new workers. If there’s one lesson we’ve been able to take from COVID-19, it’s been that our deliberate approach to targeted support and programmes is successful in getting people into jobs and keeping them off benefit,” she said.

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She suggested that a significant part of the government’s efforts should be targeted at developing the skills of people who will be entering the workforce, particularly those from the Māori and Pacific groups, parents and carers, as well as disabled people and people with health conditions.

This is because these individuals have been most affected by the pandemic, losing jobs, having their working hours reduced, and were adversely impacted by austerity cuts implemented by the previous National Government, Sepuloni said.