Navigating an endemic COVID world to excel in today’s business landscape requires a new perspective towards workplace transformation. It needs to be outside-in to create a situational-centric synergy between the dynamics of the macro environment and the three key pillars within an organisation, namely, building Business Capabilities, People Competencies, and a Learning Culture.

To help organisations focus on these three key pillars and accelerate their rate of transformation, NTUC LearningHub (NTUC LHUB) has, in partnership with HRM Asia, produced an eBook titled “Accelerating Business Transformation with Three Key Competencies Building Pillars”.

Download a copy of the eBook to understand how the three building pillars can help you to:

  • Derive strategic decision-making and transformation to efficiently allocate resources to meet business and market needs
  • Cultivate employee mindset to embrace transformation and change through competencies building
  • Establish the learning culture within the organisation with a long-term strategic view towards employee upskilling

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