Singapore allows more employees to return to office

Three out of four staff who may currently be working from home will be allowed to return to their workplaces from March 29.
By: | March 25, 2022

This was announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a special address, which gave an update on Singapore’s new phase and a “decisive move towards living with COVID-19”.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, other easing measures at workplaces will take effect on March 29 as well.

Food and beverages can be served at all work-related events, including those with more than 50 attendees, and event organisers need not notify the authorities about the event.

In addition, social gatherings at the workplace will be permitted in groups of up to 10, although there must be 1-metre safe distance between each group. The maximum group size does not apply if all members of the group are wearing masks.

Also, mask-wearing will continue to be required for indoor settings, but will be optional in outdoor settings.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has also announced that rostered routine testing (RRT) will no longer be mandatory for all sectors from March 29. In line with this change, government subsidies provided for companies conducting rostered tests will also end on the same date.