Taiwan’s self-employed to benefit from government subsidies

Self-employed workers who earned less than NT$408,000 in 2020, and who have been impacted by the pandemic, will be eligible for subsidies.
By: | July 9, 2021

Self-employed foreigners at this income level who have an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) are also eligible to apply for the benefits, said the Ministry of Labour (MOL) on its website. 

About 63,000 people will benefit from these subsidies, including 622 APRC holders. The application deadline is August 9, said the MOL.  

Workers who meet the eligibility requirements for these funds and have received subsidies in 2020 can have their funds directly remitted to the account they used in the past or have the cheque mailed to their previously listed address, said the Bureau of Labour Insurance. The payouts will be sent out starting July 9, and no additional application is required. 

Those who had not applied for subsidies last year must visit the website of the Bureau of Labour Insurance to key in their Taiwan ID number or APRC number, worker’s account information, phone number, and mailing address between July 9 and August 9.

The bureau will disburse the funds as soon as possible and notify the recipients that the subsidies have been sent via text message. To be eligible for the subsidies, self-employed workers must meet the conditions listed on the Bureau’s website.  

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Those who qualify and did not earn an insured monthly salary over NT$24,000 (US$857) in April will receive a subsidy of NT$30,000 (US$1,072) per person, while those who earned an insured salary in excess of NT$24,000 (US$857) in the same month will receive a subsidy of NT$10,000 (US$357) each, according to Taiwan News.