Talents choose Singapore as top location in Asia for work

Talents have cited Singapore as the best location for work in Asia. China has come in second, with Taiwanese and Hong Kong talent preferring it.
By: | July 25, 2019

Singapore has been named the top location for job seekers in Asia, with China following in second place.

Almost one in four job seekers in Asia view Singapore as their desired destination for work,  the Talent in Asia study by RGF International Recruitment has revealed.

Indonesians in particular see Singapore as the most popular option, with 38% of job seekers there indicating the island is ideal for relocation and work. This was followed by those from Thailand (35%) and Malaysia (33%) including non Southeast Asian countries such as Japan (30%), India (29%) and mainland China (15%).

However, 43% of job seekers in Taiwan and 26% of those in Hong Kong chose Mainland China as their preferred choice. In Singapore, 21% of workers wanted to work in Asia.

But despite the popularity among foreign job seekers, 84% of Singapore employers said talent remains problematic for the market and is the top concern for the future. Other challenges include culture mismatch (12.4%) and low hiring budgets(10%). RGF’s report found Singapore employers were also also keenly concerned about soft skills such as accountability and adaptability.