Tech firms love Mexican food

Deliveroo lifts the lid on the favourite choices of international cuisines among Singapore’s multi-cultural employees.
By: | November 22, 2019

You can often tell what type of company it is by the food it orders in. That’s according to Deliveroo for Business, which organizes around 2,000 corporate events a year.

It finds that tech firms prefer Mexican food, while marketing companies are fans of Italian cuisine. On the other hand, finance firms prefer Japanese dishes, with law firms opting for Western food.

Asian delights are also well-received by all firms in Singapore with local dishes like nasi lemak, bentos and noodles being popular choices. As companies have an increasingly diverse workforce, corporates also prefer to mix and match different cuisines for a single event to cater to varied tastes and preferences.

Adele Grosskopf, head of Deliveroo for Business in Singapore, said it is one of the division’s most successful markets globally, with order volumes growing more than 100% since 2018.

Deliveroo has also unveiled a new package of services for companies, taking the stress out of planning, managing and hosting events, from office gatherings to large conventions. This includes venue rental of Deliveroo Food Market, food and beverage catering, a dedicated event coordinator plus audio visual equipment.

In response to such strong demand, the size of the Deliveroo for Business team has also doubled in the past year. Grosskopf was speaking on the sidelines at the LIFT conference hosted by Samsung-backed HR tech firm Swingvy, looking into the future of work.