Tech teach-in: What exactly is a full stack engineer?

LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report highlights 15 of the fastest-growing roles for next year – one is a full stack engineer.
By: | December 20, 2019
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Most of the in-demand jobs for 2020 are technology-based, which makes a lot of sense given how digitally-focused the world is becoming. Some of them you may have heard of, but others may be less familiar.

One less well-known emerging role is a full stack engineer (also referred to as a full stack developer). Are they better than a half stack engineer and what exactly are they stacking?

To shed some light on the title, a full stack engineer is a prized asset as they can run a project from start to finish. They have experience of front-end web development and also software development skills.

LinkedIn describe them as ‘’the swiss army knife of tech roles’’ who remain in incredibly hot demand. Their skills are also versatile and full stack engineers can work across multiple industries.

The top skills needed include React.js, Node.js, JavaScript and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The term ‘’full stack’’ refers to the collection of technologies needed to complete a project. A stack is a collection of sub-modules that are combined together (stacked) to achieve a specific function.