HRM Asia’s Top Stories for May, 2018

Catch up on's top stories for May 2018, including the highlights from HR Summit, and a primer on HR and the blockchain.
By: | June 1, 2018

As June kicks off, we take a quick look back at the top stories of last month.

5. HR Summit 2018: Day Two – Five things we learned

The month of May has been packed full of stuff, not the least of which was HR Summit & Expo Asia 2018. Even though it took up just two days of the month, the event was chock full of takeaways. Here are just a few of them from day two.

4. HR Summit 2018: Five key takeaways from Day One

More highlights from the HR Summit & Expo.

3. Micron welcomes 600 new hires as part of “pre-onboarding” event 

Onboarding is one thing, but how about pre-onboarding? More and more organisations are starting to find value in making sure that employees feel informed and welcomed even from Day 0. Micron’s new hires were recently given a first look into the company’s workplace culture and practices.

2. (Block)chain Reaction

Move over bitcoin, 2018 is all about blockchain. In this in-depth piece, journalist Yamini Chinnuswamy explores what blockchain is, and what it means for HR.

1. Google remains the favoured employer in Singapore

Among the college students of today — who will become tomorrow’s workforce — Google reigns supreme as the most sought-after employer. In a recent survey by Universum, students also highlighted work-life balance as one of their top three career priorities.