Video exposé backfires for bakery employee

A viral workplace video designed to highlight food production employer’s poor health and safety practices reveals one of its secret recipes instead.
By: | October 24, 2019
Topics: Employment Law | News

An employee posted a video online to reveal alleged health and safety breaches at her company, a bakery firm. But she was dismissed as her employer said it actually revealed one of its trade secrets – how it makes its mac n cheese dish. The video has attracted more than six million views online.

Two of the health and safety flaws involved long and false fingernails within food manufacturing, along with the use of mobile phones. Phones have been linked to contamination and harbouring bacteria.

Ironically, the now ex-employee was guilty herself of both breaches. She used her mobile phone to record the video, and admitted online she had long fingernails. But she was alleged dismissed because she had exposed one of the company’s trade secrets, revealing how it made the cheese and pasta dish, according to

On a serious note, the viral video highlights the dangers of allowing staff to use mobile phones in sensitive workplace areas, such as food production or manufacturing plants. Not only can it be a health and safety concern, it can be posted on social media and fall into the hands of competitors.

Employment contracts bar employees from disclosing sensitive information to unauthorised third parties – which normally results in instant dismissal.