Workers in Japan continue to choose part-time employment

Most part-time workers are satisfied with their jobs, with flexible working hours cited as the main reason for wanting a part-time job.
By: | August 24, 2022

60% of part-time workers in Japan are satisfied with their jobs, according to a survey by staffing firm En-Japan.

Work location was identified as the primary factor, with 58% of respondents citing this reason for their satisfaction. Commuting time was also a factor, at 46%.  This was followed by working hours, at 27%, and work environment, at 23%.

Workers who wanted a part-time job said that it was because they could work at a convenient time, at 71%, followed by those who needed a job and wanted to work immediately, at 25%. There were also those who wanted to work a part-time job despite having a main job, at 24%.

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Conversely, the top reason for dissatisfaction with part-time employment (57%) was due to the hourly wage.

The survey results are in line with the country’s wider employment trends. In June, Japan’s employment for non-regular employees rose by 0.9% year-on-year to 21.05 million. Such workers include temporary workers, dispatch workers, contractors, and part-time workers.