Casting a wider net

In the face of an ongoing talent crunch, companies are compelled to adopt multiple recruitment platforms to bring in talent. HRM Asia considers the traction that online recruitment specifically is having in 2017.
Naadiah Badib - 04 Apr 2016
Employers sometimes need to fill job positions quickly, but this always increases the risk of a hiring error. HRM learns how HR departments should approach the selection process to have a better impact on their workforces.
Sham Majid - 15 Mar 2016
The era of scrutinising stacks of paper résumés is over. In its place, applicant tracking systems are fast-becoming the chief framework by which recruiters sift through candidates. HRM delves deeper into the must-have software for recruiters.
Sham Majid - 19 Feb 2016
From higher starting wages, extra paid maternity leave and job redesigns, there is no doubting that Tower Transit’s entrance into the public transport scene has been high-profile. HRM delves into some of the London-based operator’s proposed schemes for employees.
Sham Majid - 18 Jan 2016
Hiring errors can result in a wide range of repercussions, both in financial and non-financial terms. HRM finds out how HR can stem the tide of recruitment disasters.
Muneerah Bee - 16 Nov 2015
Besides contributing to Singapore’s national security and military defence, National Service is also an opportunity to learn relevant skills. HRM shares some of the new and upcoming initiatives to help National Servicemen transit into the workforce.
Sham Majid - 04 Sep 2015
Job-hopping has become one of HR’s biggest nightmares, with organisations desperately trying to keep their talent away from competitors. But do job-hoppers themselves benefit when they are constantly on the move? HRM investigates

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